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Tire Industries


Rubber Sheet Edge Gum Folding Unit

We have supplied this unit to many of the major tire manufacturers in India. The core purpose of this unit is to fold the rubber sheet of 20mm on both sides to 10mm and 10mm on another side. It has two lead screws with flywheel adjustment to set the width of the sheet. Minimum sheet width of 40mm to a Maximum of 340mm width of the sheet can be folded in this unit.

Gum Folding Unit

Cured Hose Cutting Machine

Rubber Sheet Pick & Place Unit

The vacuum pick and pick unit is designed to lift the Rubber Sheet from one position to another position. It automatically lifts the sheet by sensing its position from the cutting conveyor and placing down the sheet to the output conveyor. The system has 3 servo motors for up-down and longitudinal motion of the system and up-down operation controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. It reduces cycle time and automatic operation of the whole system. At the end of the system output conveyor side rotary indexing table to adjust the angular movement of the pressing cylinder unit. The final productive output of this unit is sticking of two sheets within the stipulated time. It consists of a Suction cup line (3 in Nos) according to the sheet variants decided which line will operate and which won’t. Very Robust, Precise, and simple in operation.


Press Roll, Comb Roll & Guide Plate

These products are basic tooling for the tire manufacturing companies. Wire will guide through Guide plate and it reshaped in press Roll & Comb Roll for the further Operation. These products firstly developed in India and we are one who did and got succedded to achieve it’s accuracy

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Our Other Tire Industries Products

Pigment Rack & Trolleys

Pigment Rack & Trolleys
Rack and Trolleys are used to store raw carbon powder for the storage and handling purpose.


Supplied so many belt and roller conveyors to the tire manufacturer including in raw rubber processing also in tire handling in preinspection and post inspection in TBR sections

Carbon Bag Weighing Trolley

Carbon Bag Weighing Trolley

Robotic Pick & Place Machine

Robotic Pick & Place Machine

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